Helen Patterson

Helen Patterson

Licensed Massage Therapist

Hello, I am Helen Patterson the proud owner of Petrissage Massage! I am an LMT and a long time massage enthusiast. I first found my love for massage therapy 13 years ago while pregnant with my first son. At that time massage was the only thing that gave my headaches and sciatic nerve pain any relief. It was a few years later that I found my calling at a yoga retreat where I had been introduced to the process of healing through touch; I was hooked immediately! It wasn’t long after, I realized I wanted to create a place of healing and relaxation of my own, a place that went far beyond puffy robes and mediocre massages. With Petrissage Massage I am able to do just that- by providing real pain therapy and clinical style massages I can take each session and create a truly unique experience for every one.

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Helen is a very talented massage therapist!! I feel FABULOUS after my massage. Every part of the experience was perfect and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Helen goes the extra mile to make sure you feel the best you can be and as calm as possible. She has healing hands and an intuitive touch. It was a pampering experience from start to finish and the essential oils added a wonderful touch. I highly recommend Helen and I definitely will be going back!!! 🙂 ♡



I struggle with migraines and chronic pain resulting from injuries I sustained from a car accident over 20 years ago, so I have had many massages over the years. Helen is absolutely masterful in her technique and intuition. She is fabulous at every aspect of her profession and attends to every detail to make your massage the therapeutic oasis it should be. You can’t go wrong with Helen!



I cannot say enough good things about this place, I had the best massage EVER! The price for everything she includes like streching and hot stones, is amazing! I went in feeling stressed with a lot of tension and came out feeling so relaxed and calm. Already booked my next appointment!